Major sector of work done from date of establishment•

‘Infra structure development related to community development.

Different Training for Skill main power development

Different activities for youth, child, women, and disable rural poor.

Awareness creation for protection environment, and natural resources.

Major sector working still  now

1. CEED Nepal is the first partner organization of World Vision International working for Implementation of LPRP project from 2002 to 2011 continually in different 8 VDCs of lamjung districts Namely:-Sunderbazar,Tarku,Parewadanda,Gaunsahar,Banjakhet,Besisahar,Baglungpani, Chandisthan.

2. It was working in partnership with World Vision  to   improve the quality of life of rural poor through enhanced income with most potential income generation activities Through improve goat rearing.
3. CEED Nepal is working in community Livelihood improvement project in partnership with Heifer International Nepal in Duran dada VDC since 1st January 2010, to enhance the economic status of marginalized family through income generating activities.
4.CEED Nepal has been working in partnership with WVIN for lamjung Food Security Project with different activities to ensure long term food security in rural communities through sustainable agriculture.
5.  From 2004 April to 2007 august CEED Nepal has worked in partnership with IDE/WINROCK Nepal in commercial vegetable production through BDS approach in 5 VDCs of Lamjung District.
6. CEED Nepal has been working in partnership with different departments of Gov. of Nepal

Currently it is working with the District Development Committee of Besishar, Nepal  in the field of agriculture and social mobilization.

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